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Tanuja Dabir

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Stop Struggling with:
                 • Sugar cravings
                 •​ Weight problems
                 • Constant hunger
                 • Lack of energy
                 • Diabetes/ Pre-diabetes
                 • Digestive issues like IBS, cramps, bloating
                 •​ Family/ Children's Nutrition
                   ........ and much more.

Your health is an 'Investment' not an 'Expense'

I can help! Let's talk....

Complimentary 15 min Consult:
Schedule your phone or Skype consult today. Tell me
about your pressing health concern and let's figure out how 
we can work together to resolve it. Call 778.322.5670 or  email

• Sugar Cravings/ imbalances and  Diabetes
• Digestive issues like IBS, cramps, bloating, diarrhea
• Practical Health Transformation for the entire family

What to Expect:
Making healthy food choices does not have to be a struggle. 
It’s about being mindful of the choices you make.

Working with me means:
- A genuine interest and personal attention to your unique health goals and needs. 
​- Being non-judgemental about your values and choices, but rather a focus on identifying the nutritional imbalances/ deficiencies & providing customized, easy & practical diet recommendations that are right for You.

Together we evaluate your food selection, preparation methods and food intake along with your current habits and lifestyle patterns. 

​I encourage you to take charge of your health, and contemplate on the importance of self-care and prevention of disease. Eating balanced meals creates an environment that triggers proper digestion and assimilation of nutrients; resulting in more energy, weight management and abundance of vitality.

Your best interest is my priority and I will educate and empower you to make appropriate and sustainable choices. 

There are no short cuts to optimal health. 

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Committed to helping you achieve your health goals.....

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